Screening Spares

Sure Equipment Spares is your trusted partner in the Screening Spares industry, offering a comprehensive selection of spare parts to enhance the efficiency and longevity of your screening equipment. From screen panels and meshes designed to withstand rigorous material sorting to springs and bearings meticulously engineered for reliability and precision, our offerings are tailored to meet the demands of high-performance screening. We also provide essential components like clamps, tensioning systems, and motors to keep your screening operations running smoothly, ensuring accurate material separation and screening performance that meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

We Supply

Slotted Mesh

Slotted/Elongated mesh panels available in many sizes. To suit Finlay, Powerscreen, McCloskey, Ecotec and many more.

Trommel Mesh

Trommel mesh, to suit a whole range for trommels, including McCloskey, Finlay, Ecotec, Powerscreen and many more.

Square Mesh

Square screen mesh in many sizes. Available in heavy duty or even extra heavy duty to suit a whole range of screening machines 

Self Clean Mesh

We offer standard flexi and diamond flexi in a range of sizes. We supply mesh to fit Terex Finlay, Powerscreen, McCloskey, Sandvik, Ecotec and many more machines.

Polyurethane Mats

High-quality Polyurethane Mats designed for screeners, ensuring superior durability and performance in demanding screening applications.

Rubber Mats

We provide top-notch Rubber Mats designed to offer exceptional durability and slip resistance for various industrial applications.

Flip Flow Mats

Enhance your screening efficiency and reduce downtime. These innovative mats are engineered for versatility and durability, ensuring optimal material separation in a variety of industrial applications.


We offer reliable Times/Finger Screens, delivering efficient and precise screening solutions for a wide range of materials and industries.


delivering rollers that are the backbone of smooth and efficient material handling in various industrial applications, ensuring reliability and precision in every rotation.

Skirting Rubber

offers high-quality skirting rubber solutions that effectively seal conveyor belts, preventing spillage and dust while optimising conveyor system efficiency for your industrial needs.


Sure Equipment Spares is your trusted source for a wide range of high-performance bearings, designed to provide robust support and reliability in industrial machinery.


Comprehensive range of high-quality clamps designed to securely fasten and support equipment, ensuring safety and efficiency across various industrial applications.