Sure Equipment Spares is a trusted partner in the Recycling Plant Industry, offering a comprehensive range of spare parts to support the efficient and reliable operation of your recycling equipment. From shredder teeth and wear parts that endure the most demanding shredding processes to drum cleaners and screens/baskets that ensure efficient material separation, our offerings are designed for durability and performance. We also provide engine parts, motors, pumps, gearboxes, and grizzly sections to keep your recycling plant running smoothly.

Shredder Teeth

Our high-quality shredder teeth are built to withstand the rigorous demands of recycling, ensuring extended service life and efficient material processing.

Wear Parts

Crafted to endure the demanding conditions of recycling, our top-notch wear parts for shredders guarantee extended service life and efficient material processing.


Scrapers & brushes from Sure Equipment Spares are designed to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your recycling equipment, promoting optimal performance.

Screens/ Punch Plates

Our screens and punch plates are expertly crafted to facilitate precise material separation, enhancing the recycling process and ensuring high-quality output.

Engine Parts

Explore our range of engine parts meticulously chosen to provide reliable power management for your recycling machinery.


Motors and pumps are precision-engineered to deliver reliable power and fluid management, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your recycling machinery.


Trust in our selection of gearboxes to transmit power effectively and ensure smooth operation in your recycling plant.

Grizzly Sections

Grizzly sections from Sure Equipment Spares are designed to efficiently sort and separate materials, optimizing the initial stage of your recycling process for improved overall efficiency.