Conveyor Spares

Sure Equipment Spares is a dependable ally in the Conveyor Spares industry, providing a wide array of spare parts to bolster the efficient and dependable performance of your conveyor systems. From conveyor belts and rollers built to withstand demanding material handling tasks to pulleys and bearings meticulously crafted for durability and precision, our offerings are engineered to meet the highest standards for reliability and performance. We also offer components such as idlers, tracking systems, and scrapers to keep your conveyors running seamlessly, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of materials in your operations.

We Supply

Conveyor Drums

We supply head/drive and tail drums for any machine. We can have these made to the customers spec.

Conveyor Rollers

We supply many different types of rollers, these include: Wing, centre, return, disc return, impact, gartland sets and also limber rollers.

Skirting Rubber

We supply several sizes of skirting rubber.

Couplings & Bearings

We supply and stock several types of bearings and couplings.

Hydraulic Motors/Pumps

We supply Hydraulic Motors and pumps for a range of conveyors.

Scrapers/ Scraper Blades

We supply scraper blades, and scraper polyurethane.